Naughty chat sites 100 dating and relationship tips

They didn't care how her decision looked to others, they cared about her well being.1) Know each other for four consecutive seasons, at least a year, before marrying.

I forget who told me this, but she said it was the best advice she had ever received and came from her dad and mom.

Both her parents really liked the man she was marrying, and the church was filled with family and friends.

Just before she walked down the aisle her mom and dad said that they would love and support her even if she changed her mind and realized she did not want to marry.

She went on to be happily married and have kids -- however, the knowledge that her parents would support her even if it cost them some money or created some social awkwardness told her that she was loved and her parents wanted what was best for her.

If she makes changing him her project, both people will be unhappy.3) Make a list of the your top 5 non-negotiables in a partner and stick to it.

If honesty is on that list, do not go out with him again if he lies to you.If available and puts you first is on your list but he doesn't, move on. "if you marry for money you will end up earning it." Trust your instincts and intuition no matter how strong the attraction or how good he looks on paper.Know what is unacceptable to you and do not make excuses for another person not measuring up.Do not agree to something important out of pity, guilt or discomfort.2) Do not have sex with or marry a man thinking he will change.You need to have all your non-negotiables met before taking either of those steps or you will feel crazy and off balance.A woman needs to feel completely comfortable and satisfied with who he is that day because he may never change.