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The tutorial explains the nuts and bolts of Excel MONTH and EOMONTH functions.You will find an array of formula examples demonstrating how to extract month from date in Excel, get the first and last day of the month, convert month name to number and more.

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At first sight, the Excel MONTH function may look plain.

But look through the below examples and you will be amazed to know how many useful things it can actually do.

There are several ways to get month from date in Excel.

In this tutorial, you will learn: Microsoft Excel provides a special MONTH function to extract a month from date, which returns the month number ranging from 1 (January) to 12 (December).

The MONTH function can be used in all versions of Excel 2013 - 2000 and its syntax is as simple as it can possibly be: also work fine, though problems may occur in more complex scenarios if dates are entered as text.

In practice, instead of specifying a date within the MONTH function, it's more convenient to refer to a cell with a date or supply a date returned by some other function.For example: - returns the number of the current month.Add your results from some of timeanddate.com's services into your own calendar with just a click of one button.Services include the Time Zone Converter, Event Time Announcer, and Meeting Planner.Hi all, I have a SP that is passed a date, and then need to do a test of some data returned from the DB by getting the passed Date, finding out its month, and then using the BETWEEN clause to get all rows from teh DB where their date falls between the 1st and the last (28th, 30th, 31st) of the month contained in the Date that is passed to the SP.I currently have the following SQL in my WHERE clause to get the first day of the month, but it seems long-winded.