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Sports Dermatology by Brian Adams, MD, associate professor of dermatology at UC and director of dermatology at Veterans Administration Medical Center An evidence-based guide to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports-related skin conditions, this handbook is recommended for all who regularly deal with a wide range of sports-related skin injuries -- bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic.

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Garfield, naturally, stirs up a "Frankencookie" -- a walking, drooling, giant Cookie Blob.

To save himself and Odie from being slurped up by the monster, Garfield takes matters into his own paws ... Bandits, Farmers, Military Leaders, Patriots, Politicians and Prophets by Louis E.

Adams, emeritus professor of medicine One interpretation of early American history suggests that many of the immigrants who fled Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries were seeking freedom from the intolerable social, economic and religious injustices that were prevalent at the time.

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Any Cat Can Cook: Garfield Learns About Cooking by Mark Acey, (A&S) '79, Ed '79, MA (A&S) '82 If Garfield wanted to make dinner, what dish would he fix? This colorful picture-book from the Garfield Play 'N' Learn Library -- a collection that teaches young children about such things as fire safety, thoughtfulness and friendship -- demonstrates how trouble can strike when Garfield or anyone inexperienced in the kitchen decides to cook without reading directions or following a recipe. He is often the voice of cartoonist Jim Davis' lovable, exasperating feline.Even after arriving here, they encountered more hardship.They had to overcome what seemed to be, at times, insurmountable obstacles in their day-to-day survival.Some of the tragedies and heartaches of our ancestors can be reviewed from limited records, while most of the information can only be retold from hearsay stories passed down from generation to generation.Such may be the history, and could well symbolize the migration patterns of the Adams, Cannon, Hobson, and Pattie families presented in this book.