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To get something, you have to give it, and these affirmations help you embody love and become a much more loving person.

That’s not to say you’re not loving now – but you may have some subconscious blocks to love that prevent you from giving it unconditionally, or from receiving it from others.

Love is as essential to quality of life as food and shelter.

Anyone who has a dog at home will understand and appreciate it more than anyone else. Love also nourishes our body, mind and soul and even the holy people, yogis and saints understand this. But there have been times and people who misunderstood and misused the concept of love for various and whatever reasons.

As a result love was often eclipsed with a lot of fear, shame and guilt imposed by guardians of society and people in authority. There is love between a mother and her child, between two student friends, between two lovers, between two life partners, between husband and wife, between grandfather and grandson so on.

Thus, in one form or another, love must exist in life among humans.Of course, some say that if you want unconditional love in modern times then adopt a pet.Often you will hear that there are two things that people are most desperate for today – one is love and the other is money. Read them all and select a few positive affirmations which vibrate with your feelings for finding love. Combine two or more positive affirmations to attract love and repeat them over and over, at least a hundred times daily, for a few weeks regularly.True Love – it is something that most of the people are seeking in today’s society. Two get and experience love, there are two fundamental rules. We tend to attract those kinds of people in our life who mirror our own personality. If you want more love in your life, you can attract it by raising your vibration using affirmations for love.