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By David Amoruso Sicilian Cosa Nostra is feeling the heat.And Italian authorities continue to turn up the pressure.So much so that the Mafia has threatened to wage a new war against the state and in particular those prosecuting them.

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Messina Denaro was once quoted as saying, “I filled a cemetery all by myself.” While it is not entirely clear whether Messina Denaro (right) is in effect the new boss of bosses of Sicily, it is clear that he runs the Mafia in Trapani.

Authorities in Italy and North America also consider him to be one of Cosa Nostra’s major drug traffickers. It has also earned him the support of the citizens of Trapani (photo below).

Using his influence and narco-euros, he has managed to infiltrate the legitimate economy in Trapani province, building large parks filled with wind mills that generate green energy. Author Carl Russo visited the region while researching his book The Sicilian Mafia: A True Crime Travel Guide and was surprised at the powerbase Messina Denaro had created: “I was in Trapani, which is I believe the third largest city, around there the people are still close to the Mafia.

The man who is alleged to be currently leading Sicilian Cosa Nostra is 51-year-old Matteo Messina Denaro.

His father led the Mafia of Castelvetrano in Trapani, Sicily, essentially causing Messina Denaro to be born into the Mafia.

Despite being dubbed by reporters as a playboy, he was not to be taken lightly at all.His father had taught him all about ‘the life’ and especially how to take the lives of others.Last month, imprisoned mob boss Toto Riina’s threats were featured in media reports around the world.The Mafioso who was responsible for the vicious murders of scores of prosecutors, judges, politicians, policemen, and journalists was caught on a wire telling a fellow inmate that prosecutors were “driving [him] crazy” and that “they [had] to die.” Luckily, the prosecutors in question, Antonio Ingroia and Nino Di Matteo, are still alive and continue their fight against the Mafia. After boss of bosses Bernardo Provenzano ushered in a new strategy for the Sicilian Mafia, attacks on anti-mafia personnel ceased.The new strategy meant Cosa Nostra would lay low in order to rebuild in the shadows.But after his arrest in 2006, Cosa Nostra bosses could have pondered a change in strategy.