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The idea, clearly presented as fiction in Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt, that slave quilts served as coded maps for escapees, entered the realm of claimed fact in the 1999 book Hidden in Plain View, written by Raymond Dobard, Jr., an art historian, and Jacqueline Tobin, a college instructor in Colorado.Dobard's interpretations of the geometric configurations of certain quilt blocks is based on the oral statements of Ozella Mc Daniel Williams, a quilt vendor in South Carolina.Williams pointed to certain quilt blocks and recited a poem to Tobin, in short segments, over three years (before the total "code" was revealed).

The first print appearance of such a claim was Stitched from the Soul, a 1990 book by folklorist Gladys-Marie Fry, which states — without providing any source — "Quilts were used to send messages.

On the Underground Railroad, those with the color black were hung on the line to indicate a place of refuge (safe house)... A blue color was believed to protect the maker." In the early 1990s, several picture books for children drew upon and expanded this notion.

Triangles in quilt design signified prayer messages or prayer badge, a way of offering prayer. The best known is Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt, in which a girl makes a quilt that acts as a map of the area surrounding the plantation upon which she's a slave; the author, Deborah Hopkinson has repeatedly stated that it's a work of fiction inspired by Stitched from the Soul.

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The slave quilt code is the idea that African American slaves used quilts to communicate information about how to escape to freedom.

The idea was introduced and popularized throughout the 1980s.Most quilt scholars and historians consider the "code" to be completely lacking any basis in fact.Stitching service for cross stitch, needlepoint, embroidery, crewel, hardanger, and pulled threads.Sewing Themed Cabinet Knobs and Pulls Sewing machine cabinet hardware designs for sewing enthusiasts.This decorative hardware can update your old knobs and pulls.Sunshine Quilts Fabrics, Cheater Tops, Quilt Kits, Web Design and Hosting and More.