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"You're doing nice things for your girlfriend again? " *cue flood of happy brain chemicals*Maybe your partner feels self-conscious about their body because society has told them that they aren't tall/short/skinny/beautiful enough. There is an endless barrage of things fighting for our attention these days.What do people miss the most amidst this disconnected cacophony of noise?Someone to make them feel heard, understood, and who misses them when they're away.

: originally appeared on Quora: The best answer to any question. If you date them like they're new to you at all stages of the relationship, it not only makes them feel more appreciated, it also makes you more attracted to them.

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Our minds have this cool little mechanism around commitment and consistency (and if you've ever studied sales psychology then you've likely heard of this little trick).

Basically it states that whatever we do, our mind forces us to believe consistent thoughts with our actions. Kiss every inch of it until they can feel your desire for them dripping from the love and intensity of your gaze.

Face them directly and give yourself to them completely.

You do your deepest healing in the context of an intimate relationship.Regularly take the time out of your day (or week) to listen to each other without judgment.Whether someone has an answer for you or not, just being able to say something that has been bothering you for years and having them receive it with an open heart is enough to remove the stigma you've attached to it.Do you always rotate the same few date ideas over and over?Mix it up with something surprising and romantic (like laying on the hood of your car under where the airplanes land in your city).Or playful and ridiculous (like building a fort and drinking red wine from sippy cups).