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The Apostle Peter warned that in the last days "false teachers" would bring into the Church, what he called "damnable heresies" (II Pet. I couldn't count the number of times I have been sent a link or an admonition to view or read "23 Minutes in Hell" authored by Bill Wiese.I have been warned that because I utterly reject their teaching that God will torture most of humanity in such an hell, that one day I will end up in this very hell that Bill describes in his book.

Bill Wiese says the grotesque monster pictured above is exactly like one he saw in his recent visit to hell.

Bill says that millions of demons in hell torture billions of people for all eternity.

Thank God that such creatures nowhere exist but in the troubled minds of some Christian opportunists who prey on people's fears.

The Scriptures know nothing of any such hideous monsters assigned to torture most of humanity for all eternity.

I have been warned that I (and ultimately most of humanity) will soon have my eternal destiny irrevocably sealed and sentenced to the fire pits of hell, with zero chance of any future redemption.

My teaching of the Scriptures that Jesus not only is "the Saviour of the world" (I John ), but that He will ultimately save the world, is reason enough for Christian theologians to condemn me to hell.Many Christians have a very strong opinion of things that they know virtually nothing about.The only source that can be used to know whether there is a God Who will impart a future life of immortality to all of His creatures is the Holy Scriptures.The Church teaches that God's "desire" to save all (I Tim. Man's supposed "free will," is what prevents most of humanity from choosing God as his Saviour, and so most cannot be saved.This, however, is utter unscriptural nonsense, which we will examine throughout this paper.And so, with great enthusiasm, I am told that soon it will be too late for me (there is apparently a strict timeline in which one must either be saved or lost forever).