updating ati radeon drivers Currency updating application

The information in this chapter is not relevant to aggregate storage databases.

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The Analytic Services installation includes the option to install the Sample currency application, which consists of two databases, Interntl and Xchgrate.

If you do not have access to these databases, contact your Analytic Services administrator.

For information about installing Sample currency applications, see the Analytic Services Installation Guide.

Comparing local currency profitability figures side-by-side in a spreadsheet is meaningless.

To understand the relative contribution of each country, you need to convert pounds into yen, yen into pounds, or both figures into another currency.

As another example, reporting total profitability for North America requires standardization of the local currency values that constitute the North America total.Assuming that the United States, Mexico, and Canada consolidate into Total North America, the profitability total is meaningless if data is kept in local currencies.You use the Analytic Services currency conversion feature to translate financial data from one currency into another currency.Currency conversion facilitates comparisons among countries, and enables consolidation of financial data from locations that use different currencies.This feature can be licensed as an "add-on" to Analytic Server.For example, consider an organization that analyzes profitability data from the UK, reported in pounds, and from Japan, reported in yen.