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In this show from the director of CSI comes CSI: Cyber.The show follows Special Agent Avery Ryan who works to solve cases as the Agent in Charge as a Cyber Psychologist team.He and his team that includes Special Agent Elijah Mundo take on murder cases, cyber-theft, blackmail and sometimes sex offenses.

Here are nine destinations around the world for tech-savvy travelers.

Mercedes-Benz's successful test of self-driving 'Future Bus' served as a world premiere for the vehicle, which features state-of-the-art design cues.

The city bus made a 12-mile journey in the Netherlands.

IBM's second quarter total revenues and earnings per share declined again, but executives and analysts put their focus on the company's strategic initiatives, which showed continued growth in the most recent quarter.

Softbank, one of the largest mobile service providers, has reached past several layers of the supply chain to buy ARM, which designs the processors inside most of the mobile devices using its networks worldwide.

The deal has the power to show us what true market disruption looks like.Genomic research and precision medicine are on the leading edge of cancer research and treatment, but the huge size of the data sets and the complexity of sharing those data sets among researchers thwarts progress.Here's one project that is aiming to remove those obstacles.Companies competing on data need the right skill sets and mindsets in place to succeed over the long term.While more individuals are analyzing data as part of their jobs, their ability to do so varies greatly, even among peers.We've identified 10 key traits of an analytical mind, and explain what to look for in your next hire and what skills to cultivate in your own career.