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For example imagine you are in the Christmas Photos folder and now you want to go to the Reggae folder which is under the Music folder.

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You can also use the backslash instead of the quotes to escape the space in the command.

For example: What this means is that it doesn't matter where you are in the file system you can get to any folder below the home folder by using the notation ~/ as the first characters in the path.

This helps when trying to get from one low level folder to another.

Your Linux system is laid out in a tree format with the / directory at the very top and various other directories underneath.

Common folders under the / directory are as follows: You can find out what all these folders are used for by reading this guide showing 10 essential command for navigating the file system using Linux.

Imagine you have the following folder setup under your home folder: The first command would move you down from the username folder down to the Pictures folder.The second command takes you down from the Pictures folder to the Christmas Photos folder.If you're TTC, you'll probably be looking for a CB while you're on the 2WW...and here's hoping that you don't get a BFN and AF arrives.Here are some abbreviations hopeful moms (and dads) use on our message boards.In this guide you will find out how to navigate around your file system using the Linux "cd" command.