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His work may be forgotten, but he is remembered as a victim of the sarcasms of Voltaire in several of his pamphlets and satires. (in interiorem Linguae indolem & veram vocum originem reliquis grammaticis omnibus ignoratam, sese penetravisse Ammonium') (Idem, eodem) The first part consists of the work of Ammonius and several other unpublished ancient grammatici, the second part consists of Valckenaer's notes on Ammonius, and a specimen of the scholia from the 'codex Vossianus'. Bound in full contemporary calf over thick wooden boards, the binding measures 55x40 cm, the leaves 51x36 cm. A copy of this book comes with the manuscript) (Details binding: The back has 5 raised bands, each wooden board is protected by 5 iron studs, all 4 corners of both boards have been strengthened with iron bands) (Condition binding: Back very scuffed and worn, showing several old repairs with strips of leather. The leather on the backcover looks shabby and has been damaged on several places. The joints are split, and the hinges are weak.) (Details interior: Script : the text is written in a clear Gothic letter with broad and rounded forms.

When this 'doctor universalis' was teaching in Cologne from 1248-1254 Thomas Aquinas was one of his pupils. The first part of this edition of 1609 contains the Latin text, and the second part 266 pages with the 'observationes' and a collection of 'varia lectiones'. (Sandys II,364) He studied in Leiden, and before this lawyer/philologist started a lucrative legal practice, he produced a number of editions of Latin authors, among them Statius, Ammianus & Terentius, works that are still to be consulted nowadays. primae editionis Aldinae, & aliunde, emaculavit & notis illustravit, reliqua ex codd. Bibliothecae Lugduno-Batavae nunc primum vulgavit Ludovicus Casparus Valckenaer. Leiden (Lugduno Batavorum), Apud Johannem Luzac, 1739. 2 volumes in 1: (VIII), XXXI,(3),264; (VIII),249,(15 index),(2 blank) p. V,32/33: 'Custodite igitur et facite quae praecepit Dominus Deus vobis: non declinabitis neque ad dexteram, neque ad sinistram: sed per viam, quam praecepit Dominus Deus vester, ambulabitis, ut vivatis, et bene sit vobis, et protelentur dies in terra possesionis vestrae') (Condition: Vellum age-tanned and slightly soiled. Hemsterhuis, 1685-1766, advised his students in Franeker and later in Leiden, to use especially the lexica of the ancient lexicographers.

He tried to synthesize Christian doctrine and Aristotelian thought. de Jonge mentions in the short list of normative Ammianus editions in the latest multi volume Groningen Ammianus edition, a project that was started in 1972 and is still in progress. Accedit specimen scholiorum ad Homerum ineditorum, ex codice Vossiano Bibliothecae Lugduno-Batavae. Bleyswyck, depicting a ship heading for Scylla and Charybdis; its motto: 'nec dextrorsum, nec sinistrorsum', or 'Neither to the right nor to the left', referring to Deuteronomium ch. Front hinge cracking, but strong; paper of pastedowns cracking) (Note: The Frisian scholar Lodewijk Caspar Valckenaer, 1715-1785, was a pupil of his fellow Frisian Tiberius Hemsterhuis, and after him the greatest Dutch classical scholar of the 18th century.

Not in Brunet, nor in Ebert) (Details: Contemporary thick & stiff paper binding, with 2 leather thongs through the joints. Woodcut ornament on the title) (Condition: Back worn at the extremes and slightly scuffed) (Note: Albertus Magnus, 1193-1280, became doctor and magister in Paris, and was considered to be the most learned man of his age. In combining history and biography he follows his example. ('Haec ut miles quondam & Graecus (..) exorsus', Liber 31) It should also be remembered that he wrote Latin in a period when most historical works were destitute of elegance. This 1609 edition with commentary, produced by the German legal and classical scholar Friedrich Lindenbrog, 1573-1648, is the first edition which the Dutch scholar P. Animadversionum ad Ammonium grammaticum libri tres. In quibus veterum scriptorum loca tentantur & emendantur.

Not one copy in KVK; not one copy of this edition in Italian libraries. His work 'Res Gestae', meant to continue the work of the Roman historian Tacitus, describes the history of Rome from Nerva till the downfall of the emperor Valens in 378 in 31 books. 'Ammianus' Gesammtleistung reiht ihn unter die grossen Historiker Roms ein'. 598) His style is not polished, but rather harsh and obscure, the style of a soldier and a Greek.

Hamburg (Hamburgi), Ex Bibliopolio Frobeniano, 1609. He carried arms under the emperors Constantius, Julian and Valens. Lindenbrogii Observationes in Ammianum Marcellinum; et in eundem Collectanea variarum lectionum. 2 volumes in 1: (VI),504 (recte 502),(49);276,(1 errata) p. 21.5 cm (Ref: VD17 0328M; Schweiger 2,3: 'Neue Rezension nach Mss, besonders trefflichen Florentiner Codex'; Dibdin I,256: 'very excellent edition, the basis of many following ones'; Moss 1,38; Ebert 527; Graesse 1,104) (Details: 6 thongs laced through the joints. Woodcut printers' mark on the title, it depicts a gardener planting a tree, the motto is 'Posteritati'. Edges dyed red) (Condition: Binding soiled & scratched. 330-400 AD, was a Greek who served as a high officer in the Roman army. (Traduites par Jean-Jacques Le Franc de Pompignan). He was a bibliophile, and collected 26 000 volumes of which 1500 musical scores. Braun, 'Jean Jacques Le Franc, un ennemi de Voltaire', Paris 1971) (Provenance: bookplate, 3 naked women surround the text 'Exlibris Dr. Jann') (Collation: pi2, A-2N8 2O4 (leaf 2O4 blank)(Photographs on request) Book number: 130204 Euro 140,00 ALBERTUS MAGNUS. ('omnibus modis Ammonium vexavit, & tam contumeliose laceravit, ut, in Ammonio exemplum & incuriae & inscitiae ponendum esse'. XXV) Young Valckenaer announces that he is going to repair this 'gravissimam iniuriam'. They were translated by the now forgotten French lyrical poet Jean Jacques Lefranc, marquis de Pompignan, 1709-1784. Ad veterum doctorum exemplaria emendati, & restituti. He was a nephew of Baldo) (Collation: A - O8) (Photographs on request) Book number: 120032 Euro 300,00 AMMIANUS MARCELLINUS. The latter edition shows also some small differences on the title, 'I. L' (Iuris Utriusque Licentiatus) is added to the name of Lindenbrog, and the impressum says 'in Bibliopolio Frobeniano', instead of 'ex Bibliopolio Frobeniano') (Provenance: On the front flyleaf the ownership entry of 'A. van Regteren Altena, Bergen') (Collation: *4 (minus leaf *4; leaf *2 blank); A-3Z4, A-2M4 (last leaf blank) (Photographs on request) Book number: 130025 Euro 370,00 AMMONIUS. In the preface Valckenaer explains that Ammonius suffered grievous wrongs at the hand of French scholar/printer Henri Estienne who ignored his usefulness in the appendix of his celebrated 'Thesaurus Linguae Graecae' (1572), and who vexed and lacerated him in the preface of his 'De Atticae linguae seu dialecti idiomatis' (1573), and portrayed the ancient lexicographer as a careless ignoramus. rubbed) (Note: The first complete translation of Aeschylus in French; the préface includes a 'vie d'Eschyle'; each tragedy is preceded by an introduction. In the short dedication at the beginning of the text, dated 1663, the editor reveals himself, 'Petrus Velius S. He translated a treatise of the Bolognese philosopher and founder of graphology Camillo Baldo 'De Ratione cognoscendi Mores & qualitates Scribentis ex ipsius Epistola Missiva', Bologna 1664. Ours has 3 preliminary leaves, but there are also copies with 7 preliminary leaves (VD17 7728). Accedunt opuscula nondum edita, Eranius Philo 'de Differentia Significationis'. For his first fruits Valckenaer chose an unpublished work of the Greek grammarian Ammonius, who lived probably in the first or second century A. This edition, the 'editio princeps' of 'De adfinium vocabulorum differentia' made his name. 38648; Brunet 1,81) (Details: Contemporary French binding, ; an elaborately gilt back with leaflike motives, and an orange morocco gilt letterpiece; woodcut printer's mark on the title: a lyre, laurel branches and 2 trumpets, with an intertwining banner reading: 'Haec praebet munera Phoebus'; edges dyed red) (Condition: Corners bumped; bookplate tipped in on front pastedown; head of spine sl. Edition with the authorization of the Bishop & Princeps of Bologna Hieronymus Boncompagno. Sandys reports that Lindenbrog was a citizen of Hamburg, and was influenced by the genius J. (ADB 18, 692/93) There exist 2 versions of this edition, the text is the same, but the number of preliminary leaves differs. Lexicon 'de spiritibus dictionum, ex operibus' Tryphonis, Choerobosci, Theodoriti, etc. Vellum 20.5 cm (Ref: Hoffmann 1,125; Brunet 1,239; Ebert 536; Graesse 1,105) (Details: Six thongs laced through the joints. These works could be of great use for the understanding of textual problems and for the amending of texts of classical authors, and they were of great help to gain a profound knowledge of the Greek language and its vocabulary.