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Changes are on your horizon, courtesy of Uranus, the odd. I have zero idea what but it probably has to do with men, war or aggression. However, when the nodes are involved Fate plays a role and if you are attuned to the Universe, you know that Fate is an asshole. My dear Rams, this is a difficult time for many of us, but you have the potential to make your voice heard in a very large way.Uranus is the black horse of the zodiac and as such he tends to bring about very interesting things. The kindly and happy planet Venus is sitting off of Uranus flank and Uranus is in your sign, therefore this will likely assist in bringing happier outcomes to you. Jupiter is hanging out with the north node in Virgo. This path will not be easy for you and it appears people from afar, or even those who feel they have superiority over you will try and impinge on your right to just be you.

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Your dream world will be very satisfying and you should pay attention to your dreams as they will be very helpful for you.

If you need a job, you could find one working in a large conglomerate or within some sort of secret, altruistic society. For those who live in the world of realism you should look for a job in a hospital or perhaps a big warehouse setting.

You spent last year learning a few important things and receiving some important insights via whatever spark of genius you may have.

Again, there are forces which seek to manipulate and even dissolve your wishes. If you have set your life up correctly, they will come to naught.

You do have an opportunity to become powerful in your career this year, or at least work with some very powerful people. Some people want these types of accolades, and some dont. Your biggest issue this year is what is hidden in your house of secrets.

However you should realize that if you work for others, you are a mere pawn in their plans. If you dont have a secret love, this would be an excellent year to find one.You are very attractive and therefore you may exude an allure that you dont realize.There are important people gathering who wish to take a look at your work, or maybe your person.They are coming in trappings of helpfulness and benevolence, and it does appear you should at least listen to them, however, it does seem they have some sort of ulterior motive.This is a world full of such things and people for whom the trappings of self-aggrandizement are paramount. Your long distance travel plans may be a little bit stymied and you will find some of your travels fraught with difficulty, if not danger.Be very careful not to allow yourself to be caught up in any kind of bottle-neck or major discord about who has the power or who is in charge.