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There are many good choices when it comes to finding replacement pieces in your vintage pattern.

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Noritake began selling dinnerware in the US marketplace in 1904.

We have sold our products through numerous department stores, jewelry stores and specialty stores from coast to coast.

In addition to our over 100 years of selling fine quality china and porcelain within the United States, we have also served US military personnel around the globe.

Noritake has been a fixture in American military bases for years and many servicemen have delighted their families sending home beautifully crafted sets of fine china.

The origins of Noritake as china formally begin with the founding of a company titled Nippon Toki Kabushiki Kaisha, Ltd. It was much later, in the 1980s, when the company officially assumed the name Noritake Company.

A 1981 company brochure states "because Noritake is the name of a place, that word could not be officially registered as a trade name.However, because of the consistently high quality and reliability of our products, we were finally given permission to register the name." For generations, Japan had been a closed culture and economy, protected by severe sanctions against all interaction with the West.You can utilize the tips we've covered in our blog to stay on top of your patterns and be notified of items available.Noritake offers many recently discontinued patterns on Noritake Please use the search function at the top of this page to locate any available products in your pattern.If you need more information, please call the Noritake Service Center between 9am and 5pm EST, Monday to Friday; toll free at (800) 562-1991.Noritake is a word frequently heard in collectible and antique circles.