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By reason of his interlict, his refusal to compromise his understanding of the word of GOD I was able to gleane the knowledge of the KINGDOM. His tremendous work are worldwide, he will truly be missed and one can truly say because of DR MYLES MUNROE I succeeded…. Munroe ( purpose personified) as I have and will ever refer him blessed my life and transformed my mentality about the kingdom principles. All Christians agree on this, “that they all be one” in belief as Jesus prayed Give your “yes” when God shows you. Till we meet at the feet of Jesus, keep resting in peace. Myles Munroe’s ministry are heavy as mine at his passing the baton so soon, but yet we see the light and founded wisdom from his work. Second, I cannot help but wonder if this was planned by those who opposed his teaching and belief. It is unfortunate that Dr and Mrs Munroe had to die now. P Hi ,the state at which of the moment is the that the moment is bad well we need to work hard and do something about it beside that sent me the number of book you have wrote and read about myles munroes Well, I hope this crisis was an act of God.

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Nicole Symmonds is a newly-minted Master of Divinity joining the droves of people with MDiv behind their name who aren’t planning to minister—at least not from behind a pulpit. “The greatest tragedy is to be alive and don’t know why’ Life without purpose has no meaning Leave the world better than you leave it If you don’t know your purpose abuse is inevitable It’s not how long you live; but how much life you impacted When you are finish; you are free to go; having poured out yourself die empty The richest place is the grave yard who have captured talents of many who never discovered their purpose and the reason why they were given life by the Creator. Your legacies live on and I, with my generations are part of it. May ur soul nd the soul of ur wife (whom u call ur girl friend) R. We had the honor and privilege to sit at his feet, just weeks ago, and it was , to us, as if we were sitting at the feet of the Apostle Paul, as he shared the wonderful truths of the Kingdom of God and the Majesty of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST! One of ur quote dat blew my mind was dat’ its nt how long u live bt how effective u live’Am so in shock bt yet consoled dat u lived a life full of examples to follow and dat u r ina place far more better than this earth, Ur legacy lives on,see u in heaven, Goodnight. Though I feel so sad loosing you but am so happy u left us something to remember u (Your Words).

She views writing as a type of ministry and is happy to have the opportunity to return to her first vocational love while she continues to discern God's call upon her life. Remember for the time ahead for very “soon” says Heaven, God is going to show the entire world ~personally~ the Faith (Eph 4:5) is Roman Catholicism. I am sadden but yet comforted by the fact that we can continue the legacy of this General, this Kingdom Ambassador. No doubt abt it the whole world misses and mourn u.

Nicole currently resides in Atlanta where she works as a freelance writer and journalist focusing on issues in religion and spirituality in the black experience, sexuality and spirituality, and pop culture and entertainment. Have you ever seen a good Father let his children go hungry, begging for bread? I will miss Dr Munroe for the rest of my life, but I will not let his influence on my life be in vain. I can truly say out of the brunch that it really inspire me to look beyond life itself and in a different perspective…everyone has a spectacular purpose here on earth and a work place to fulfill…god himself grant us life and everyone has an expiration date…tomorrow isn’t promised to ANYONE so NOW is the time to do what is right and do the work which was assigned to us here on earth. P GREAT MAN OF VALOUR Jesus Mercy on those who died. No fake, only God can show you every moment of your life, similar to the testimony of NDEs. We can now maximize our purpose and find out position in the world I am glad to have been shepherd and fathered/mentored by this Father of the faith. I wish its all a dream…RIP my mentor, I LOVE YOU SOOoooooo MUCH you’re the greatest treasure God gave to my generation. God keep you safe my deepest and sincere condolence goes to the bahamas faith ministris international world wide,gone but not forgetten,your teachings and ministrations still lingers in our heart each passing day.sleep on beloved,sleep on and take your rest.sierra leone,the body of christ here misses you love you,but God loves you the he has taken you to his bosom. I’m still wondering why this great man should end up in this tragic manner at this time when the church needs more of his impactful teachings. Your books taught me so much about principles, vision, potentials and leadership. His life was certainly yet 1 of God’s lectures to us.

Dr Munroe blessed me by revealing the secrets of the Kingdom. I hear a lot of people say ” it’s not about religion” if that’s true then why Judaism or Christianty? As ridiculous as it sounds I keep hoping that they will say they found him wounded but yet alive. I NEVER knew such a GREAT man with such LEGACY, DR MYLES MUNROE, a teacher, a leader, a provider, world-renown speaker, preacher and an author with such inspirational thoughts had such an impact on ones life…. God’s great act of love and mercy on the “that great day” of Revelation , the day of the Lord. and I thank God I met you not in person but through your books. You were so great while on earth, Your legacy lives on! Myles teachings saved my child’s life and my marriage for which I am very grateful.

We do not only shake hands with you,but hugged together through your books and messages.

Peace b to “the” Dr’s family, the BFM in total & all who are & will be blessed by his life. Dr Myles Monru was my mentor although he wa not aware of it. Ringo M Dr Munroe is a true general of Christ jesus we the people of Nigeria miss a great minister of God in person of Dr Munroe but is clear that your legacy will live on forever more.the other side we will surely meet you…rest in peace my mentor… The words from your mouth turned me on to a great life, I discovered my purpose and followed it. what a mighty man of valour,a motivational speaker,a great man indeed.words alone cld’ nt describe Dr Myles Munroe i am consoled in d fact that those who in d Lord ll’ rise again in d rsurection day. ITS BETTER TO DIE & NOT KNOW LIFE THAN TO LIVE & NOT KNOWN WHY. the richest place on earth is the grave where pple die without fulfilling there purpose in life.rembr that God is not surprise with the death of myles munroe because he has already finished his assigment on will forever rembr u. as I quote…..surely as I have planned so it will be,and as I purposed,so it wlll be(isaiah ),on 8/11/14 being meditating on this verse and always remind me of what pastor myles being emphasize about know your pure on the right tractrpose it hurts coz when am really down only one of your cd that i have always boost me to move on “Unless a corn of wheat fall to the ground and die its abidethl alone , but if it die, it bringeth much fruit.” I am f*** ever greatful Myles Munroe past our way, His words and teaching will impact my life in a greater way. I c u as yet another Myles coming up in the horizon Nicole. Dr Myles Munroe, Question : which is the richest place in the world ? am following his teaching almost daily through CDs & my life if changing, i like this. PAUSE &PONDER Dr.myles munroe was such an inspiration to me,last month he was in kenya at said men r the fathers the givers,he gave it all. How prepared are the rest of us for the coming of Yeshua. May the good Lord comfort his family and the entire household of God worldwide. May all who passed on with him rest w Jesus Christ in Heaven. I red most of his books and did not mis his preachings on tv. I will always honour his legacy and live out his teaching and guidiance. Meaning most people died before they perform what God has ordained them to do while they were still alive. Myles, but for the few years av known him & heard his messages, its amazing of how God used him in this is good however that Dr Munroe will continue to live on. Obute Joseph – Nigeria Your sacrifies and burnt offering that you offer in the form of spiritual seed,messages,books,teachings etc,will certainly go up unto God as a sweet memorial.