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Supervisors must see that safety rules are followed.They also communicate company rules and policies to the workers.

In some cases, especially on small jobs, supervisors work alongside their crews. On large jobs they spend their time in management activities.

Supervisors must be able to read blueprints and plans.

Supervisors advise qualified craft workers on the best way to handle certain tasks.

Supervisors report to site superintendents, who are responsible for the efficiency of all the crews on a construction job.

Supervisors plan and schedule work and keep records of the materials used and the progress made on a job.

These records are included in the supervisor's reports to the superintendent.Supervisors also report on such things as personnel, costs, and safety.Education and Training: High school, training, and experience Salary: Average—$50,980 per year Employment Outlook: Good Construction supervisors manage crews of skilled and unskilled workers at construction sites.Supervisors, also known as foremen or forewomen, are usually experienced construction workers.For example, an experienced bricklayer might supervise a crew of bricklayers.Supervisors are responsible for the efficient use of labor, machines, and materials by their crews.