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The Michael Jackson experience comes out in November, and it will be available in Wii, Xbox, PS3, PSP and DS. Fantasia is still seeing her married boyfriend Antwaun Cook, and he is going to be a big part in her TV show. In the new issue of People magazine, the former Mrs.

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Katherine is the legal guardian of Michael’s kids and she is planning to protect them at any cost even it means dumping Joe. She has tried to divorce him two times before, but friends say she really means it this time.

In other Michael Jackson news, get ready for the new Michael Jackson video game.

Soon we will be able to moonwalk, spin and slide like The King Of Pop. I hear she discusses it in the second season of her reality show.

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After 61 years, Joe and Katherine Jackson are calling it quits.

Was it the sidejawns, babies outside the marriage, crazy behavior and scams that broke up the two? It was Joe accusing Katherine of having a hand in the death of their son Michael Jackson.Katherine was floored when Joe made this statement and said his words were unforgiveable.This Soft24 page was created to preview next site: u= This preview page is for security reasons, we won't redirect you to any site you don't want to go.Before proceed to the page, please, be sure this is the page you want to see.The referring site you are going to visit is not controlled by us, so please remember not to enter your private information unless you are sure this is not scam.