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yea I know you did ::laughs:: well "These are the days" came out... Sorry about this] Well tomorrow is Ashley's birthday and I have no idea what to get him..... Erik [School is going to start soon so I won't have time to be online or update that much maybe once a month so I am not saying I am going to give erik up but I am just letting you all know that I won't be on as erik that much so please don't think I am giving him up cause I am not.

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But its hard to try to update and go online when you are working on the album and touring but apparently the other guys can do it so why can't I? Nothing much here just chillin like a villain *laughs*. ] nothing much to update about just congrats to britney and dan with the little one on the way and with the wedding. Well I won't be online or updating as much for a while cause the tour is really crazy and stuff. Erik Australia was amazing and being with Laurie made it a whole lot better.

I am on most of the time when everyone else isnt ::pouts:: I know i am never around and I apologize for that. OH btw HAPPY EARLY/LATE{if you don't come on and see this} BIRTHDAY JENN!!

Oh and also my birthday is monday AND IF YOU REALLY WANT TO GET ME SOMETHING... CAUSE YOU ALL KNOW YOU WANT TO SEE MORE HOT ICONS OF ME :: DIES:: but I think I owe you all a chat or two! I promise if I don't give you your present tomorrow I will give you your present soon.[I probably won't be on for a couple of days cause its my moms bday tomorrow!

That's's just that I wish we could have picked a better song but whatever. But besides that I don't think Ashley could top last years birthday and don't let his charm fool you because last years party well all I can say is ashley has been legal for a while *laughs.

and I dont feel loved at all *cries* everyone got ashley stuff even a paid account and I get a handbook on how to pick up girls and such *smirks* just's ok if you don't love me cause I don't love you either. *shakes head* it's alright though cause It doesn't matter much everyone likes ashley and NO I AM NOT JEALOUS *laughs* well and I want people to come chat! It was perfect, we kissed and talked and it made me realize why I want her so much and why I need her so much.

*laughs* I am actually flying home to florida to visit my family and hang out. she is just an amazing person and understands me and makes me feel great.then maybe tomorrow or so I will hang with the guys. I saw willa and it was great to see her for a little while since we haven't seen each other since January. Ok so I saw that laurie updated and I know that she STILL likes ASHLEY, which is fine but I just can't feel a little pain considering she always called and talked to ash..I don't get calls or letters...nothing. Well I will try to make it this friday but I can't promise. Take care.[OOC: I know there is another post below but TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!! The tour is coming along great and the fans are awesome. But hey I can't help it if I am never online talk to Big Mike...cause as you know Mike C is no longer with us. But I feel bad because I never update and just ignore psa now where this use to be my second home. We hung out and went to the beach which was awesome.Well I hope she is happy since she always bugs me about when we are going to hang out. Erik I think I have given up on dating, I will remain single and lonely for the rest of my life*laughs*. Its just too hard to date and especially give time to that person, when you have no time.I just think if you can't give your heart, its not worth it or if you are having trouble deciding what to do or what you want, then it's not what you want.I am just sick of wasting my time and then screwing up the relationship.