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When those people say something ridiculous like that to my face, I usually respond with, “Which part is fun? Or maybe you mean the awkward moment when the bill arrives?

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Because for many of us, dating is a lot like waxing: we don’t have to do it, but what’s the alternative?

So while it comes with its fair share of nightmares, there are some good things that can be gleaned from being out on those mean dating streets and today we’re gonna focus on those because sometimes we all need a little pep talk, right? You know those stories that your friends have long gotten sick of hearing?

Or those life details that people who’ve known you forever take for granted?

Well, guess what, Sugarplumb: people you’re on dates with have never heard them before!

This is the silver lining to having to answer “So, where did you grow up?

” because as you start to share the mundane details of your life, oftentimes you’ll realize they’re not so mundane after all..least to new ears. He had a bad habit of leaving his phone at home, or showing up 30 minutes late, or an hour early, or forgetting plans he’d made just days prior. The point is, about a week after a recent blind date, I got a text from the guy I’d gone out with that said, “Hey, I know last week we talked about maybe meeting up sometime tomorrow night, but my work trip just got extended so I won’t be back. ” Here’s the kicker: I hadn’t even remembered that we’d discussed meeting up, but boy did I take notice of the fact that he not only remembered, but in advance communicated that it wasn’t going to work.Same goes for describing your job or your hobbies, take a beat and hear how great and interesting you are and be proud of the life you’ve created. While going on dates doesn’t automatically cure all of your breakup woes (that’s what wine is for), if you pay attention, you can have small moments of clarity and healing. True, this is pretty much basic manners, but if you’ll let yourself see the good even in guys you’re not super into, it can help get over the bad in the ones you’ve had to let go of.Nothing like a fresh audience to help you see your life in a new light. Going on dates expands your knowledge of your city’s neighborhoods, watering holes, and things to do.Sometimes on my way to a date, I look in the mirror and think how brave it is to throw yourself into these situations; how much guts it takes to put yourself out there online and off, through bad date after bad date. Several of my now-favorite spots have been discovered on bad dates, so even if the conversation is lacking, you can at least walk away with knowing a new killer place to get a Boulevardier.And sometimes that’s a pretty good trade off because relationships come and go but cocktails are forever...right?Don’t even pretend that you laugh as hard at anything as you do bad date stories.