Kiss me speed dating

So you reckon you are a good kisser step right up on the kissing meter please. Ooops you are so right must fix that spelling error up. I bet you have had your share of sloppy kisses to tell lol. Hiya Sherbs, I can guarantee you after this nursey gets to you, you will never desire to go to another medical institution again LMAO.A huge flying kiss is on its way to you as we speak. I got most of my equipment in my bag ready to go but you have to lend me a tool, am short here lol. I bet no-one will vote that they are a lousy kisser, biggest reason is that I am sure half the bad ones believe they are good. I personally love nibbling and butterfly kisses on my upper back and the back of my neck--it gives me electric shivers and just makes me so much more excited about what else is to come!Great hub and it is so true - it is an art - no matter how old you are. Kissing is so important, especially in a marriage when a couple can very easily fall into a romance-free daily routine.

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They need intense training by practising on an orange to get themselves up to par. (How cheesey haha) Ooohhhhhh, it's in the evening here, I wish I could taste it too! Oh I was up til 5.00am this morn busy writing all kinds of things. Hi blondie, Wow, Your kiss is awesome, can you send me a flying kiss too."A Great Lover Is A woman Who Thinks And Feels Sexy Regardless Of Her Size."Is this some kind of typing believe it should be..."A Great Lover Is A woman Who Thinks And Feels Sexy Regardless Of His Size."Have a wonderful day.....

Soph you know what will fix it, is a good nite out on the town together. Hi there dreamreachout oh I am so glad you approved.

:)Oh Candie wow I am so lucky my three favorite people. Thanks heaps Valtinooo for dropping good morning to the charming Sherbet. I bet you are copying me as now we both have a hat on woo hoo. You must have women drooling at your feet for your kisses. I will have to check for more of your hubs because I need to catch up with everyone on are well ((HUGS))By the way---- love the avatar!I knew this chick who was married and honest to God she used to eat an apple while having sex with her husband hahaha. It is darn rare to find a good one these days Sherb. Hhahaahahah it's official, it's a hat off, and I reckon I could hat you under the table anytime, though I have to say, nursey, on Friday I broke my knuckle and pinky finger training, so yes it's taking me ages to type, though I was a one finger typist anyway, and you wearing that hat now, well, nursey, I'll trade you, a meal for some sympathetic looking, this will include, shoulder massages, head rub, washing my toes, scrubbing my back, repeatedly saying "ah poor you" and patting my head like a dog lol, and in return a meal you won't forget, sounds like a good deal to me lol Hey there one2get2no thank-you so much for stopping by to my snogging hub, I am here to assist lol.Oh I tell you something though, I was seeing one of them sloppy kissers, well you know pushing hard against your nose n squishing your lips kissers! He was a bit embarrassed but I showed him how to do it and it worked!So it's all good :) :)Hey there Sophs wow that was a super fast response, just published this a few mins ago lol. I always thought you were a sexy beast : Dwell this was a great hub blondepoet, even though it was aimed more for women, It's always good to read these hubs and take the tips.I wish I could taste his breath right now but all I can taste is a dry 'ole piece of toast, I just ate at this early hour of morn. Just kidding : DAfter I finished reading your poem, I had to wipe my compute screen with a towel because of all the fog! I still don't understand how people can't kiss, what's wrong with these people lol, maybe I've just been lucky with the women I've dated.Oh boy you have had a sloppy kisser too, these men honestly should have become vacuum cleaners instead of men LMAO. LMAO they certainly do, a good kisser is hard to find! The poem was excellent have you published any, and the " lay there like a dead fish checking the clock in five minute intervals to see if its dinner-time." hahahahahaha I laughed like a hyena on speed lol great stuff.