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If you're using a built-in camera or a USB camera, you won't need any capture device.When you're using professional cameras, you'll need to either buy an encoder that has a built-in capture interface, or add capture cards or boxes to your computer.See all Ustream recommended encoding solutions here The purpose of an encoder is to take a video signal and compress it into the correct format to stream across your internet connection and send it to Ustream's servers.

Or you can input audio to your encoder via your computer's audio inputs, audio inputs on a capture card, or a USB audio interface.

See Ustream recommended capture cards If you're using a professional camera or video feed from a switcher and you're using encoding software on a computer rather than dedicated encoding hardware, you may need to add a capture box or card to digitize and convert the video signal so it can be recognized by the encoding software on your computer.

If you're using the built-in camera on your mobile device or computer, a USB camera, or a dedicated hardware encoder, you won't need any additional capture device.

Some streaming options combine some or all of these elements into a single device.

For example if you use a mobile phone for streaming, your phone has all 5 elements built-in.

For more advanced streaming setups, you may need to combine various pieces of hardware and software to meet your needs.All streaming elements integrated into a single device, like a mobile phone or a laptop.Separate elements are used for increased flexibility and specialization in the video production and streaming workflow.Learn more about all the different types of cameras that work with Ustream The beginning of any live stream is capturing a video image.This can be done with a simple camera, such as the built-in one on your mobile phone or laptop, with a professional video camera, or with the output signal of a video switcher.Learn how to configure and troubleshoot audio for your Ustream Broadcast Capturing clean sound and broadcasting it at the right level is essential for any broadcast.