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It also triggers your mind to look for something different. You could be feeling sad or angry or bored or content. You can also shift your emotions by doing something that moves your body. That’s using the body and creating an emotion or feeling from that movement.

Most frequently the loneliest place on Earth is when you’re in a crowd of happy people and you are feeling miserable. When we are feeling lonely, we are running a movie in our head. I’ve struggled with feeling lonely since I was a child. We often lived in places where there was nothing to do and no one to do it with. You can break the back of that lonely feeling with some key strategies.

You say to yourself, “I feel lonely.” Or maybe you say, “I am lonely.” And then there are places that have been described as the loneliest places on Earth. Believe it or not, you are creating all of your feelings, including that feeling of being lonely.

This movie has a story line that says: Life shouldn’t be like this. You shouldn’t have to live alone, sleep alone, eat alone and go to the gym alone. Ask yourself something like, “Wow, this is an interesting feeling. ” Yes, I agree this seems like a strange question to ask yourself, but it is a very empowering question.

It gives you permission to feel something different.

I went to Western Washington University for my undergrad education in Washington State, USA, and was mostly finished before I had to leave. Goofy, down to earth, straight forward and intelligent.

I like to get out every now and then, but for the most part I am a home body.I like to have a drink and a puff and watch some comedy. Great conversation with someone who gets me and how off … Are you noticing the lonely feeling getting smaller and, like a burp, it’s leaving your body? When you’re done, you now have a map to find the feeling of happiness. You can spend time visiting the feeling of loneliness. My name is Paris, and I am a 22 year old ;female, looking for love. I'm about 5'7 I have brown hair, green eyes and freckles.I am very kind, funny, fun to be around, trustworthy, and devoted. I have to let you know I'm a toker, I won't quit for anybody.