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The Kardashians were renowned for throwing the best parties in their ultra­-exclusive neighbourhood in Beverly Hills.Kim’s family mansion had a large swimming pool, a tennis court, a Jacuzzi and a bar by the pool. A housekeeper took care of the shopping and the washing allowing Kim’s mother, Kris, the time to go out for lunch with friends while her children attended private schools.

She and her elder sister Kourtney were close together in age, wore the same outfits, and often resembled twins.

They even shared a bedroom, although there was plenty of space inside the house for them and the two younger children, Khloé and Robert Jr.

There were cats and dogs, rabbits and birds and lots of dressing up.

Kim was a very sweet and pretty child, as her dad’s countless home videos showed.

Robert Kardashian’s family had made millions in the meat packing trade in California after Kim’s great grandparents fled Armenia in 1913.

He was brought up, just as his own children would be, with wealth and privilege but preferred to become a lawyer and entrepreneur instead of joining the family business, making his own fortune and buying a treasured Rolls Royce while still in his twenties.It was her beloved father’s influence which gave Kim and the rest of the Kardashians their sense of adventure in business.At weekends, her parents had celebrity friends round for tennis and dinner.Famous stars like boxing champion Sugar Ray Leonard, Lionel Richie and the American football hero O. Simpson gathered round the barbecue to relax and swap stories.Kim too would invite her classmates including Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Kimberly Stewart – daughter of Rod – and T. Jackson, nephew of the superstar Michael Jackson, to hang out by the pool.If Kim and her siblings tired of their idyllic home surroundings, there were always the annual vacations to look forward to: a spring break at her father’s parents’ holiday home in Palm Springs, skiing in Colorado for Thanksgiving and, in between, a trip to Mexico or sometimes, Hawaii.