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Also, from this point on, reviews will have a like, dislike, and unfiltered thoughts section.This is to let everyone know my thoughts on the headphones, professionalism aside.I will bluntly state what I like, don't like about a headphone. It is SIMPLY a change to reflect a more realistic approach to scoring. I will let you know when the scoring changes have started/finished. Fixes to the layout, and minor changes to scores for some headphones.

Headphones I feel aren't worth a review...won't get one.

If this means having to apologize to those who send review samples, so be it.

1/14/2016 Added Virtual Surround dac/amps Setups, Sinegen Frequency Testing, Final Notes (thanks to @Yethal for the setup diagrams) 5/31/2015 Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus, Shure SRH1540 added 4/8/2015 Philips Fidelio X2 FULL review update 2/17/2015 Philips Fidelio X2 Review added (partial review), Creative X7 gaming dac/amp guest reviews added 1/4/2015 Beyerdynamic T70 added 10/15/2014 Beyerdynamic T51i Added 7/9/2014 Ultrasone HFI-15G Added.

This quick guide is for Headphone gaming WITH virtual surround (I personally use Dolby Headphone).


NOT stereo, so those looking at this guide as a headphone guide for stereo gaming will need to note that my reviews aren't based on stereo gaming.I play most games with virtual surround DSPs like Dolby Headphone and THX Tru Studio, so I CAN'T make suggestions to those who wanna play in plain stereo, as I find most headphones to be on a more level playing field in stereo due to the lack of dimensionality in plain stereo.The Nameless Guide To PC Gaming: For PC Gaming Audio advice, I highly recommend you guys read this guide, which is written by Nameless PFG, and specializes in the PC related side of gaming audio, which I am 100% not knowledgeable of. feature=watch 3/16/2016 Mr Speakers Ether C 1.1 Added 2/16/2016 Fostex TH-600, Creative Sound Blaster JAM added, Brief note on changes Note: The Fostex TH-600 review will be the final review with a scoring system.I'd consider it a great extension to my own guide for those who aren't console gamers. I understand many of you want an easy way to sift for the best headphones, but I feel as this disqualifies many great headphones that may not have necessarily worked for my tastes, but would have been perfect for someone else.So moving forward, reading the full review will better help people understand if they would like or dislike a particular headphone.The Creative Sound Blaster JAM will be the first non-scored review.