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Cloud video conferencing can solve many of your business problems without creating any headaches or breaking the bank.So go ahead—browse around and learn more about video conferencing in the cloud.

The startup has since assembled an impressive advisory board, including former Google exec Zain Khan, former Amazon exec Mark Britto and Maarten Linthorst, CEO of CSI Communication Systems.

And we recently learned that Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin and other investors pumped $6.5 million into the startup.

Today, Jumio is finally unveiling Netswipe, a technology solution that enables e-commerce site owners and Internet retailers to process online and mobile payments by having customers ‘swipe’ their credit cards using virtually any webcam.

Think of it as Square for the Web, without the need to purchase and install additional hardware.

This white paper discusses the potential benefits Web RTC can bring if implemented correctly.

Read More We sat down with the IT Director at Silicon Labs to learn how their implementation of Lifesize Cloud paired with Lifesize Icon has helped the company increase collaboration between their global offices and remote workers.If it were up to Jumio, we’re all going to be ‘netswiping’ to purchase books, clothes, travel, Farm Ville crops and whatnot online in a couple of years.The startup has been extensively testing its digital payments service in private beta mode since last year, when Jajah founder Daniel Mattes started teasing whatever they were building.Watch the video below to see how it works, in a nutshell.Jumio is introducing three products for online merchants: Netswipe Start, Netswipe Scanning and Netswipe Processing.Additional products, including a mobile solution, will be released later this year.