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I received the information I’m about to tell you from a fellow modder, and he had a chance to take a look at what Reiza were doing with Stock Car Extreme before the Indie Go Go campaign became a big thing everyone wanted to give money to.There is something wrong with Renato’s answers in regards to certain dates he’s mentioned when asked about the implementation of r FE.When the r FE Weather Plugin was still fairly new, I was personally approached by a guy from r FE asking if me and my team were interested in becoming an official “sponsor” of the plugin, by making our mod natively support it.

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Not to mention the tracks themselves in our track pack would have needed extra work to be compatible with the plugin. I do not recall when we were approached by the r FE guys, and I can’t check because I’ve since changed my email address and can’t find the conversation I had with the r FE dev.

I think his name was Marco, and the conversation was between late 2013 and mid 2014.

What I do remember, is that at the time I still had Windows 7 on my machine, and I was about to switch to Windows 8.

In one of the emails with the r FE guy, I directly asked him about Windows 7 support for the plugin.

I know Pretend Race hasn’t started the year off on the brightest note for some of you, but a reputable r Factor modder who wishes to remain anonymous has shared some insight on a story James posted on New Years Day about Reiza Studios.

After James’ article criticized Reiza for elements of the Sim Racing Bonanza campaign that appeared to be dishonest, we’ve received a very long Email supporting those feelings.As a third party who was originally skeptical of the angle James chose to cover this story from, I will re-analyze the information with these new findings and see if my opinion changes.If you decide to publish this, please erase any information that might identify me. Sadly, there is nothing which can be considered 100% proof, so this submission may be useless for you, but still.He told me they were still actively working on it, but development was very slow because of both how Windows 7 worked, and how r Factor interacted with it.If the developers of r FE were still struggling to work on their mod for r Factor in 2014 due to Windows 7 causing unforeseen problems, how were they able to work on Stock Car Extreme in 2014 as Renato claimed?They were struggling just to implement changes on their own work due to problems with the operating system, but somehow they have no problems on a commercial project?