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KCAL-TV once again dominates the Los Angeles Area Emmy Awards competition, with the Disney-owned station earning a record 58 nominations in 54 categories announced Thursday — a total that surpasses the previous high-water mark of 50 noms set by KCAL last year and KCBS-TV in 1989. KTTV jumped from 17 to 24 nominations, while KTLA dipped from 30 to 21.

In one of the biggest surprises of this year’s nominations, KCOP edged past KNBC-TV.

The indie snatched 14 nods, four more than last year, while KNBC fell from 16 to 13.

Among the other stations, indie KLCS collected six, while cable system CITY TV, Spanish-language outlet KVEA and multilanguage station KSCI each grabbed three.

With two each were Spanish-language KMEX and Orange County indie KOCE, while cablers Channel 35, Cityscope, Lakewood and low-powered indie KRCA took one each.

Danon, executive producer ARTS AND CULTURE/HISTORY “Memories of the Camps” (KABC) — Mark Mohr, producer/executive producer “Prime 9 ’92” (KCAL) — Kerry Brace, producer; Laura Carter, executive producer “Triumph!

The Spirit of Cinco de Mayo” (KCAL) — Jane Velez-Mitchell, co-producer; Stephanie Medina, producer; Laura Carter, executive producer “Spotlight Awards” (KCBS) — Kathleen Callan, segment producer; Tony Catenacci, producer “Echoes in the Grid” (“Life & Times”) (KCET) — Arthur Dong, producer “Prayer in the City of Angels” (“Life & Times”) (KCET) — Ruby J.Masters, producer “The Works” (KCET) — Paul Tassie, segment producer; Art Nomura, segment producer; Melissa Totten, senior producer; Patricia Kunkel, executive producer “On Our Toes: From the Bario to the Ballet …” (KTTV) — Christina Gonzalez, producer INFORMATIONAL/PUBLIC-AFFAIRS SERIES (Remote) “City View” (KABC) — Carmen Dixon, segment producer; Faith Harris, segment producer; Lisa-Renee Ramirez, segment producer; Allison Sesnon, segment producer; Jacklyn Conway-Pratt, producer; Mark Mohr, executive producer “Nature’s Most Precious Resource” (KOCE) — Carol Trussell, producer; Donald D.In terms of news, the Los Angeles riots of a year ago dominated the nominations forlive, unscheduled coverage of a news event and for spot news.The late Wayne Satz was honored with a posthumous nod for his “Cutting Through the Bull” commentary on KTTV’s “Fox News at 10.” KABC’s Gloria Allred and KCBS’ Michael Tuck received two nods each in the category. LOCAL COLOR “End of the Road” (KABC) — Chuck Henry, producer “Firefighters!As previously announced, veteran news anchor Jerry Dunphy, currently with KCAL, will receive the Governor’s Award for lifetime achievement. ” (KABC) — Mark Mohr, producer/executive producer “Plugged Into the Future” (“City View”) (KABC) — Lisa-Renee Ramirez, segment producer; Jacklyn Conway-Pratt, producer; Mark Mohr, producer HEALTH AND SCIENCE/ENVIRONMENT “Is It Really Away” (City TV) — Maurice Jacobsen, producer “A Mother’s Gift” (“City View”) (KABC) — Jacklyn Conway-Pratt, producer; Randy Roach, producer “In Peril on the Sea” (KCBS) — Tony Catenacci, producer; Kathleen Callan, executive producer “Two Men and a Kidney” (“Life & Times”) (KCET) Patrick Perez, producer EDUCATION “The New Readers” (“City View”) (KABC) — Lisa-Renee Ramirez, segment producer; Jacklyn Conway-Pratt, producer “Special Schools” (“City View”) (KABC) — Mark Mohr, producer “Dr.The 45th annual awards ceremony will be held June 5 at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. Chan’s Crusade” (“Life & Times”) (KCET) — Val Zavala, producer “Sex, Power and the Workplace” (KCET) — Robert Dean, producer; Patricia Kunkel, executive producer CRIME/SOCIAL ISSUES “Victim No More” (KCAL) — Lisa Brown, producer; Laura Carter, executive producer “Personal Stories From Somalia” (KCBS) — Bree Walker, producer; Chuck Snyder , producer “Best of Friends” (“Life & Times”) (KCET) — Ed Schuman, producer “Dust of Life” (“Life & Times”) (KCET) — Arthur Dong, producer “Exit King Blvd.” and “Return to King Blvd.” (“Life & Times”) (KCET) — Nancy de los Santos, series producer; Victor Abalos, producer; Arthur Dong, producer; Isaac Mizrahi, producer; Nancy Salter, producer; La Tanya Squires, producer; Val Zavala, producer; Jim Kennedy, executive producer. Wyskocil, producer; Patricia Kinaga, producer/executive producer; Rosemary F.