Stop dating the church is being on an online dating site cheating

He warns against the sins of selfishness, pride and a critical spirit that can keep us from community.

This book has to win the prize for the most innovative title of all the books I have read so far on the subject of church.

Joshua Harris made his name with a book entitled “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” which argues for “biblical courtship” over against the custom of “dating”.

In this book, he uses “dating” as a metaphor for the approach that many Christians have to church – ‘trying out’ churches, but without any intention of commitment.

In other words, we have a consumer mentality towards the Church.

He then goes on to list the ten most important considerations when choosing a church.

He strongly emphasises faithful teaching of the Word and proclamation of the gospel.He also looks for a commitment to evangelism, serving, discipline and community.The point of this book is to challenge Christians to stop dating the Church and “fall in love with the family of God”.He reminds us that the Church is “the bride of Christ”. He explains from Ephesians 3 that the gospel is not just about reconciliation with God, but with The strongest argument I know for why you and I should love and care about the Church is that Jesus does.The greatest motivation we could ever find for being passionately committed to the Church is that He explains why we need to be part of a local church.He cites John Piper who says “Sanctification is a community project”.