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That's the kind of country we want."Benjamin Franklin says, "Yeah, and then steal all their oil."Another Founder says, "Sounds like a plan."It's a great, great, great cartoon because this is how libs see America today. As Comrade Holmes said conservative talk radio gives him "crazy ideas." Those "crazy ideas" are actual thoughts, comrades.

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URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Attention workers, peasants, and toiling unwashed intelligentsia!

On Monday, July 30, 2007 our Party Organ was spotted by Rush Limbaugh, the biggest neo-imperialist criminal capitalist running dog of them all.

The notorious author of See I Told You So described our "Founding Fathers" illustration by saying "It's a great, great, great cartoon because this is how libs see America today." See it here: Story #7: Great Editorial Cartoon on the Founding Fathers. ~He also referred to our ideology as "liberal." Just to clarify, we are a powerful Party Organ cemented by the most severe Party discipline.

Our tight collective tolerates no limp-wrist candy-assed pansy liberals!

Trust me, we have the documents to back up that they were violent atheist PETA activist who flirted with eco-terrorism among other things. Yes, not only were they gay, they also indulged in sexual activities with early Appliance-Americans (Theocritus can back me up on this, he would know). Was the current truth updated without my notification?

We are now coming under the radar of the big fascist kapitalist dogs? Chairman, I wish I could agree with your assessment that the Founding Fathers were open minded, progressive and tolerant Communists like ourselves, but I'm not sure. All true Communists (and liberals) love taxes, for they spread the wealth.But the Founding Fathers dared to question the good natured King George III as he sought their money for the Common Good.We are doctors of dictatorship in charge of an outpatient Gulag facility whose mission is to cure weak liberalism with strong communism! Anyway, thank Marx he didn't read the story the picture was meant to illustrate!The good news is, we haven't been fully compromised, so heads shall not roll this time. Rush Limbaugh's transcript preparer Story #7: Great Editorial Cartoon on the Founding Fathers RUSH: I have a great, great editorial cartoon here.The digital image in Rush's nicotine-stained fingers had not been signed. I don't know who did this, but you've seen the painting of the Founding Fathers in Philadelphia at Constitution Hall, drafting the Constitution, discussing it among themselves. "Gentlemen, I just came up with a brilliant conspiracy," says one of the founders to the group.As a result, instead of referring his right-wing extremist listeners to The People's Cube, the notorious radical truth detector stated, "I don't know who did this, but..."Indeed, why should it matter who did it? "Why don't we split from the British crown, become founders of a nation that will cause all of the world's wars, crime, corruption, slavery, disease, torture, murder, assassinations, racism, sexism, violence, environmental destruction, cannibalism, and manmade hurricanes for all eternity?